Gay dads want egg donation and surrogacy laws to change

Craig Parkes and Matthew Hinton wanted to have a child. First they tried to do so with the help of a gestational carrier (surrogate mother) in India – but in the middle of the process India outlawed surrogacy for gay couples. They were finally able to have a baby with the help of the sister of one of them, who lives in South Carolina, and agreed to carry the baby. They purchased eggs from an egg donor.

And they are now happy dads.

But if the gestational carrier had been in Canada, they would not have been able to buy eggs from an egg donor, because it is illegal in this country to pay for any genetic material.

The issue of surrogate births and donated genetic material is complex, because it affects the interests of a person or couple intending to be parents, the gestational carrier, and the donor of eggs or sperm (as the case may be).

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