About Us

We are a working group of BC lawyers who are experienced in family law and the complexities of the law around the parentage of all the many children conceived and born without sexual intercourse.

barbara findlay
barbara findlay, Q.C. is a queer feminist lawyer in Vancouver who has been doing agreements for children conceived with assisted human technology for more than twenty years.
Website: http://www.barbarafindlay.com/
Phone: (604) 251-4356
Email: bjf@barbarafindlay.com

Monique Shebbeare
Monique Shebbeare is a fertility lawyer and wills and estates lawyer in Vancouver. She helps individuals and couples launch their families and make sure they have a plan in place for their loved ones should something happen to them. Monique also has a background in psychology and, along with solid legal foundation, brings a warm and empathic approach to her work with clients.
Website: https://www.shebbearelaw.com/
Phone: (778) 331-8868
Email: monique@shebbearelaw.com

Lynda Cassels
Lynda Cassels has been practising family and estates law in Victoria since 1999. She focuses her practice on assisting clients with the legal issues that arise during major life transitions, including separation and divorce, planning for marriage or cohabitation, deciding to have children, or dealing with the death or diminishing mental capacity of a loved one. Lynda has a particular interest in fertility law and elder law, and is qualified as a family law mediator.
Website: http://www.casselsmurray.com/lawyers/lynda-cassels/
Phone: (250) 888-7992
Email: lynda@casselsmurray.com

Michelle Kinney
Michelle Kinney is a family and fertility lawyer in Victoria. As one of the architects of the BC Family Law Act, Michelle has in-depth knowledge of BC’s family and parentage laws. Michelle focuses on helping couples — common law, married or same sex — who are starting a family through assisted reproduction, or who are entering or ending relationships, to understand their options under the law. She is a regular presenter on the Family Law Act and is a contributor to a range of education materials on family law, law reform, family violence and parentage/ fertility law.
Website: http://www.casselsmurray.com/lawyers/michelle-kinney/
Phone: (250) 888-7992
Email: michelle@casselsmurray.com

Zara Sulman
Zara Suleman practices family law exclusively with a focus on fertility law. She is also a certified family law mediator and collaborative law practitioner. Zara has also been actively involved in presenting, training, writing and editing materials on family law issues including “Baby Steps: Assisted Reproductive Technology and the B.C. Family Law Act”, a paper co-authored with barbara findlay, Q.C. for CLEBC (2013).
Website: http://www.sulemanfamilylaw.com/
Phone: (604) 424-9059
Email: zara@sulemanfamilylaw.com

Catherine Wong

Catherine J. Wong is a family law lawyer and a certified family law mediator based in downtown Vancouver, B.C. Catherine has a particular interest and focus on fertility law and on working with multi-parent families. Catherine approaches her work with compassion and resourcefulness and enjoys engaging with the diversity of families and folks that her practice allows her to collaborate with and to assist. In addition to presenting on fertility matters, Catherine is asked from time to time to consult on fertility law matters by family law lawyers in the context of cohabitation or separation agreements. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/catherine-wong-43b371/

Phone: (604) 259-2919

Email: catherine@saltwaterlaw.ca