Monthly Archives: March 2016

Gay dads want egg donation and surrogacy laws to change

Craig Parkes and Matthew Hinton wanted to have a child. First they tried to do so with the help of a gestational carrier (surrogate mother) in India – but in the middle of the process India outlawed surrogacy for gay couples. They were finally able to have a baby with the help of the sister […]

Family Day – The More Parents the Merrier, in BC

You may remember the story in the news about the first three-parent family in B.C. The three parents – two lesbians and the man who donated sperm for the conception of their child – agreed that all three of them would be parents. So the child’s birth certificate records three legal parents. How does that […]

Fertility Clinic Agreements Upheld: Frozen Embryos Destroyed Upon Divorce of Couple

On November 18, 2015 the decision of Findley v. Lee, a case before the San Francisco Superior Court, was released. The California decision highlights the significant importance of parties being fully aware, informed and understanding the nature and consequences of the “consents” before a party signs any agreements and/or consents required by fertility clinics. In […]

Baby Steps: BC’s Family Law Act Clarifies Status of Sperm Donors, Egg Donors, Surrogate Mothers; Says Child Can Have More than Two Parents

Finally, since March 2013, the law offers certainty to queers who want to become parents. For prospective queer parents, a donation of sperm or eggs is a necessity. Gay dads, couples with a trans parent, or infertile lesbians also need a surrogate (a woman who will carry the child). Sperm donors can be either known […]