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Gay dads want egg donation and surrogacy laws to change

Craig Parkes and Matthew Hinton wanted to have a child. First they tried to do so with the help of a gestational carrier (surrogate mother) in India – but in the middle of the process India outlawed surrogacy for gay couples. They were finally able to have a baby with the help of the sister […]

Family Day – The More Parents the Merrier, in BC

You may remember the story in the news about the first three-parent family in B.C. The three parents – two lesbians and the man who donated sperm for the conception of their child – agreed that all three of them would be parents. So the child’s birth certificate records three legal parents. How does that […]

Baby Steps: BC’s Family Law Act Clarifies Status of Sperm Donors, Egg Donors, Surrogate Mothers; Says Child Can Have More than Two Parents

Finally, since March 2013, the law offers certainty to queers who want to become parents. For prospective queer parents, a donation of sperm or eggs is a necessity. Gay dads, couples with a trans parent, or infertile lesbians also need a surrogate (a woman who will carry the child). Sperm donors can be either known […]